Dear Webmaster,

We are always looking for linkages with partners that help increase our mutual success. Establishing linkages with us is a three-step process.

Step 1. If you are interested in exchanging a link with us, insure that it fits well in one of our categories (Books & Stock Market DSP Applications, Books & DSP/Filter Applications, Books & Web Marketing, Books & Legal References; Books, Publishing, & Education). No other categories will be considered.

Step 2. Then add a link to on your site. Copy and paste our boxed html information below to your links page. We provide links of two lengths (shorter and longer). Choose the one that is most consistent with your listings. There should also be a link from your home page to your links page.

Step 3. Finally use the Reciprocal Link Request Form to send us an e-mail with your name at with the subject "Reciprocal Link". Give us your: (1) web site category, (2) web site title, (3) web site URL, (4) page URL where we can find our reciprocal link, and (5) a brief html description of your site. We will review your site to insure it will be of sufficient use to our clients to include your link. If so, we will add your URL to our links page (or decline your link) and notify you by email.

Step 4. Please make sure that you already have a short or long (see below) link to Steward & Sons Publishing before you request us to link to you. We will not approve your request if our link is not already in place.

Shorter links: (about 70 characters)

Example: STEWARD & SONS publisher, distributor, and seller of DSP and filter books since 1977.

Longer link: (about 200 characters)

Example: STEWARD & SONS publisher,distributor, and seller of DSP and filter books since 1977. DSP topics - FIR, IIR, nonrecursive, recursive, adaptive,
estimation, detection, etc. Filter topics - Butterworth, Bessel, nomographs, lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop, allpass, etc.

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