with Signal Filtering Applications

by Dr. Claude S. Lindquist


1 GENERAL CONCEPTS System Classifications, Passive Elements, Independent and Dependent Sources, Linearity, Causality, Stability, Singularity Functions, Laplace and Fourier Transformations, One- and Two-Port Analysis, Thevenin and Norton Equivalents, Passivity and Activity, Signal Flow Graphs, Sensitivity, Root Locus, Minimum-Phase Functions.

2 FREQUENCY DOMAIN ANALYSIS AC Steady-State Characteristics, Bode Plots, First- and Second-Order Poles and Zeros, Low-Pass Filters, High-Pass Filters, Band-Pass Filters, Band-Stop Filters, All-Pass Filters, Dominant Pole-Zero Analysis, Delay Analysis.

3 TIME DOMAIN ANALYSIS Relation Between Time and Frequency Domains, Partial Fraction Expansions, Impulse and Step Responses, Time Domain Approximations using Elmore, Valley-Wallman, and Dominant Pole-Zero Results; Low-Pass, High-Pass, Band-Pass, Band-Stop, and All-Pass Responses.

4 CLASSICAL FILTER RESPONSE Ideal Lowpass Filters, Maximally-Flat Magnitude, Butterworth, Chebyshev and Inverse Chebyshev, Ultraspherical and Legendre, Papoulis (Monotonic-L), Elliptic, Linear Phase and Maximally-Flat Delay, Bessel (Thomson), Equiripple Delay, Gaussian, Synchronously-Tuned, Parabolic, Catenary, Elliptic Contour, and Transitional Filters; Noise Response, Classical Filters in Retrospect.

5 OPTIMUM FILTER RESPONSE Filter Optimization in Time and Frequency Domains, ITAE Step Approximation, ISE Step Approximation, ISE Impulse/Gain Approximation, ISE Delay Approximation, ISE Gain/Phase Approximation, Minimum Rise Time Approximation, Minimax Delay Approximation, Minimax Phase Approximation, Valand's Approximation, Budak's Approximation, Pade's Approximation, Optimum Filters in Retrospect.

6 FREQUENCY TRANSFORMATIONS Frequency Scaling, Frequency Translation, Lowpass-to-Highpass Transformations, Complementary Transformation, Lowpass-to-Bandpass Transformations, Arithmetically-Symmetrical Transformation, Frequency Discriminator Transformations, Lowpass-to-Bandstop Transformations, Lowpass-to-Allpass Transformations.


7 ACTIVE FILTER CLASSIFICATION Signal Flow Graphs, RC Active Filters of Second-Order, First- and Second-Order Decomposition Filters -- Class A, $\overline{\rm A}$, B, C, $\overline{\rm C}$, D, E; Active Filter Classification in Retrospect.

8 LOW-PASS FILTERS Low-Pass Filter Classes, Filter Design Sheets, Low-Pass Filter Compilations, Component Selection, Low-Pass Filter Design Examples, Gain-Tuned Low-Pass Filters, Passive-Tuned Low-Pass Filters, Immittance Calculations, High-Frequency Filters, Alternatives to Cascade Filter Design.

9 HIGH-PASS FILTERS High-Pass Filter Classes, Low-Pass to High-Pass Filter Transformation, High-Pass Filter Compilations, High-Pass Filter Design Examples, Tunable High-Pass Filters, Complementary High-Pass Filters.

10 BAND-PASS FILTERS Band-Pass Filter Classes, Low-Pass to Band-Pass Filter Transformation, Band-Pass Filter Compilations, Band-Pass Filter Design Examples, Tunable Band-Pass Filters, Frequency Discriminators.

11 BAND-STOP FILTERS Band-Stop Filter Classes, Low-Pass to Band-Stop Filter Transformation, Band-Stop Filter Compilations, Band-Stop Filter Design Examples, Band-Stop Networks and Selectivity, Tunable Band-Stop Filters, Amplitude Equalizers.

12 ALL-PASS FILTERS All-Pass Filter Classes, Band-Pass to All-Pass Filter Transformation, All-Pass Filter Compilations, All-Pass Filter Design Examples, Tunable All-Pass Filters, Delay Equalizers.

13 OSCILLATORS Oscillator Classes, Frequency-to-Oscillator Transformations, Oscillator Compilations, Oscillator Design Examples, Tunable Oscillators, Harmonic Distortion.

14 COMPONENT SELECTION { RESISTORS} -- Construction, Standard Values and Tolerances, Power Rating, Temperature Coefficient, Nomenclature, Impedance Characteristic, Impedance Paper, Noise, Reliability, Aging and Radiation Effects, { POTENTIOMETERS} -- Construction, Standard Values and Tolerances, Power Rating, Temperature Coefficient, Model, Rotation and Translation, Taper, Linearity and Resolution, Nomenclature, Mechanical Parameters, Noise, Reliability, Aging and Radiation Effects, { CAPACITORS} -- Construction, Standard Values and Tolerances, Voltage Rating, Temperature Coefficient, Insulation Resistance, Dissipation Factor and Q, Dielectric Absorption, Nomenclature, Reliability, Aging and Radiation Effects, { OPERATIONAL AMPLIFIERS} -- Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Gain and Bandwidth, Stability, Maximum Output Voltage and Current, Slew Rate, Input Offset Voltage, Current, and Bias Current; Common-Mode Input Voltage and CMRR, Input and Output Impedance, Noise, Reliability.

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