Dr. Lindquist has written two signal processing and filtering books entitled:

Volume 2 Adaptive and Digital Signal Processing with Digital Filtering Applications, vol. 2, International Series in Signal Processing and Filtering, 847 pages, $89.95 $59.95 SPECIAL INTERNET ONLY PRICE.

Volume 1 Active Network Design with Signal Filtering Applications, vol. 1, International Series in Signal Processing and Filtering, 749 pages, $89.95 $59.95 SPECIAL INTERNET ONLY PRICE.

Notice the great Internet prices - $59.95. That's less than a dime a page which is unheard of today for technical books! And for the greatest design information collected all in one place that you can't find anywhere else.

Using only one idea from one book will save you time and aggravation and save your company much more than the cost of the book. Can you afford to be without it? No other filter book gives you this value for this price! There are simply no contenders. So buy it now - you'll wonder how you ever worked without these references!

These books can be ordered from us directly on-line. Select the order form and simply fill it out. Additional discounts for two or more books.

We have also written a number of papers involving digital signal processing, adaptive filters, wavelets and filter banks, time-frequency analysis, image processing and compression, tracking filters, and a variety of other topics. A wide variety of DSP & filter dissertations and thesis have also been written by students of C.S. Lindquist. Much of this material is included in the two books above. Resource listings can be found at Lindquist Systems Group.

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