<center><img src="dspbookside.jpg" alt="Logo for Steward & Sons, publisher and seller of DSP & filter books since 1977. Our DSP books cover detection, estimation, adaptive, nonrecursive, recursive, IIR, FIR, and FFT. Our filter books cover allpass, bandstop, bandpass, highpass, lowpass, nomographs, Bessel, and Butterworth. "></center><br> <center> <!--You need a frames browser to best view our site.<br>But you can still view us here.--> <!--Describe Steward & Sons, publisher, seller, and distributor, of filter and DSP books.--> <P><H2> We publish, sell, and distribute <A HREF="book.htm">DSP and filter books.</A></H3> <P><H3> The <A HREF="book1.htm">DSP book</A> <A HREF="book1toc.htm"> designs FIR, IIR, recursive, nonrecursive, adaptive, estimation, detection, correlation, image, and other digital filters using FFT and other transforms.</A><br> </H3> <P><H3> The <A HREF="book2.htm">filter design book</A> <A HREF="book2toc.htm"> designs Butterworth, Bessel, nomographs, lowpass, highpass, bandpass, bandstop, allpass, oscillators, and other active filters.</A><br> </H3> <BR> More details are: <P> <H2><B> <A HREF="index.htm">Index</A><br> </B></H2> <H3><B> <A HREF="sands.htm">Homepage</A><br> </B></H3> <H3><B> <A HREF="leftcolumn.htm">OnLine Book Orders</A><br></B></H3> <H3><B> <A HREF="rightcolumn.htm">DSP, Filters Books</A><br> </B></H3> <A HREF="about.htm">About Us</A><br> <A HREF="contact.htm">Contacts</A><br> <A HREF="emailpublishingservice.htm">Email Publishing Service</A><br> <A HREF="examples.htm">Examples</A><br> <A HREF="faq.htm">FAQ</A><br> <A HREF="order.htm">OnLine Book Orders</A><br> <H3><B> <A HREF="linksands.htm">Books, Bookstores, Publishers Links</A><br> </B></H3> <A HREF="linksstockAE.htm">Books & Stock Market DSP Applications (A-E)</A><br> <A HREF="linksstockFL.htm">Books & Stock Market DSP Applications (F-L)</A><br> <A HREF="linksstockMR.htm">Books & Stock Market DSP Applications (M-R)</A><br> <A HREF="linksstockSZ.htm">Books & Stock Market DSP Applications (S-Z)</A><br> <A HREF="linksdsp.htm">DSP & Filter Design (ALL)</A><br> <A HREF="linksitAE.htm">Computer & Web Resources (A-E)</A><br> <A HREF="linksitFL.htm">Computer & Web Resources (F-L)</A><br> <A HREF="linksitMR.htm">Computer & Web Resources (M-R)</A><br> <A HREF="linksitSZ.htm">Computer & Web Resources (S-Z)</A><br> <A HREF="linksipAE.htm">Books & Legal References (A-E)</A><br> <A HREF="linksipFL.htm">Books & Legal References (F-L)</A><br> <A HREF="linksipMR.htm">Books & Legal References (M-R)</A><br> <A HREF="linksipSZ.htm">Books & Legal References (S-Z)</A><br> <A HREF="linksbookAE.htm">Books, Publishing, & Education (A-E)</A><br> <A HREF="linksbookFL.htm">Books, Publishing, & Education (F-L)</A><br> <A HREF="linksbookMR.htm">Books, Publishing, & Education (M-R)</A><br> <A HREF="linksbookSZ.htm">Books, Publishing, & Education (S-Z)</A><br> <A HREF="reciprocallinks.htm">Reciprocal Links</A><br> <A HREF="reciprocallinkform.htm">Reciprocal Link Form</A><br> <P><H4> Our digital filter book and active filter book are used by practicing engineers and have been praised for their usefulness and thoroughness.</H4> </center>